Mediterranean Diet - When Brand Meets People


SAVE THE DATE! June 11th & 12th MDnet is coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina!

University of Mostar, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology, under the general coordination of the Lead Partner Campania Región, organizes 4th Partnership Meeting and 4th Steering Committee in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) on 11th and 12th of June 2019.

Where are we with the project? Did we succeed in our objectives so far? Is Mediterranean diet already in your #hashtags?

Second day of the meeting is called MEDITERRANEAN DIET & CREATIVE INDUSTRIES, and it will be carried out with local stakeholders and local scenery, tasting specific products and exploring ideas. From the town of Old Bridge first UNESCO protected world heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to put B and H on the list of intangible heritage and country with Mediterranean diet.

We also invite you all on IPA countries capitalisation event MadeinMED in the Balkans, Sarajevo 13th of June.

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