Olive oil is preventive against triple negative breast cancer

A study carried out by researchers from the University of Jaén (Spain), in collaboration with Genyo, shows that olive oil could have preventive properties against triple negative breast cancer

The research group of the Clinical Management Unit of Medical Oncology, led by Dr. Sergio Granados, has managed to identify chemopreventive properties in a component of extra virgin olive oil and table olives called hydroxytyrosol.

This research makes this compound a candidate to be investigated as an alternative therapy to combat triple negative breast cancer, one of the most aggressive, as reported by the aforementioned health center. The study, whose results have been published in the international journal 'European journal of nutrition', has been carried out with different in vitro cell lines of the disease.

It has been found that hydroxytyrosol acts directly on cancer stem cells, responsible for metastatic tumor relapses, reducing their number and the ability to generate more cells of this type. Likewise, researchers have shown that this compound decreases both the aggressiveness and the migratory and invasive capacity of the tumor cells of this type of cancer, and therefore its metastatic potential.

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