Visit the first Mediterranean Diet Virtual Museum

The MedEatResearch, the first italian University Research Center on Mediterranean Diet based in Naples, recently released an online virtual museum dedicated to the Mediterranean Diet.

In Naples, researchers of the MedEatResearch Center of the University “Suor Orsola Benincasa”, in collaboration with the University of Rome "Unitelma Sapienza", have created an online platform entirely focused on the Mediterranean Diet, Culture and Lifestyle.

The platform, funded by partner Regione Campania, represents the world’s first digital museum on Mediterranean Diet, which collects memories, experiences, traditions and scientific knowledge on the Mediterranean Diet, Culture and Lifestyle.

The virtual museum gathers more than 150 video interviews, ranging from testimonies of “pioneers” who have discovered and studied the Mediterranean Diet, to stories of grandparents of Campania, who are like “living libraries” and embrace this lifestyle every day as an elixir of youth, and also stories of the “experts” of food and wine in the field of catering and production, as well as exceptional testimonials from scientists and artists whose work preserves and restores Mediterranean Diet social value.


The anthropologists Elisabetta Moro and Marino Niola, who are at the head of the MedEatResearch Center, also created an “Education” section, dedicated to innovative educational tools on Mediterranean Diet.

According to Lucio d'Alessandro, Rector of the University “Suor Orsola Benincasa”, the aim of the project is to “give value to the immense intangible heritage of the Mediterranean Diet, as certified by the UNESCO, with a great intangible collection of MD essence, history, and anthropological, social and cultural implications”.

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