The region of Seville promotes itself as "Capital of the Tapa"

It is participating in the campaign "Saborea España", disclosing its gastronomic offer

The city council of Seville, partner region of our project, is organising during August several activities at country level to promote the "Tapa" as a distinctive feature of the Spanish gastronomy and its Mediterranean lifestyle.This initiative is part of the strategy to boost the Andalusian capital as a gastronomic destination, and the starting point to set up a local product club called "Saborea Sevilla".

The activities which will take place during this month comprise a cookbook that will collect the most characteristic tapas in Spain. In the same framework, the activities aim to encourage hostelries across the country and general public to join the different initiatives that will be organized to highlight the tapas as differentiating elements of the Spanish gastronomy and society.

Read the extended new (in Spanish) here.